Artwork Guide

Artwork Guide

Firstly if your unsure PLEASE ASK and we will try to help.

Minimum Artwork Requirement for London Legal Walk 2024 T-Shirts

File Type: File types accepted by the online t-shirt designer are PNG, JPEG, other formats such as EPS can be emailed to us if required. Please create and save in RGB and not CMYK if possible. Transparent .png files are perfect because you can see the non priniting areas when ordering.

Image size: the image should fit within an A4 sheet of paper, either landscape or portrait depending on the orientation of the logo.

Image Resolution/Size: The image should be 300dpi or higher at the actual print size. This should be no bigger then what will fit on to an A4 piece of paper.

Artwork Checking Service – £5.00

  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Image Quality
  • Format
  • RGB

Including any fixes or amendments where possible.

Image Quality / Resolution Tip

Before you upload the image in the shirt designer page, it is possible for you to get an idea of the image quality you are uploading by following a simple procedure on your computer. Open the file you are going to send in something like ‘windows picture and fax viewer’ and zoom in until you think the image is about the size you think the actual print will be. The end print is normally around the size of a A4 piece of paper, so you can hold the A4 paper up to the screen and then enlarge your logo/image up as big as it will go to fit on the paper. If the image looks bad, that’s what you should expect when it is printed. It’s best not to lift images directly from the web, as these images are usually low quality (typically only 72 dpi) to optimise page loading. Though they look fine on-screen, they will be very blurred and pixelated when printed on your T-shirt.

No Artwork Check Required

If you select ‘No Artwork Check
Required’, we will use whatever
artwork you have sent, and take
no responsibilty for the final
printed image.
Please make sure you meet the
minimum artwork requirements.


One of the key things to bear in mind when it comes to colour is that printed colours may look slightly different to your on-screen design, this is especially true of metalic looking colours such as silver or gold. We also can not provide 100% colour matching to your corporate colours, but the finished printed inks are usually very close.